MacAuslands Woolen Mills Shoulder Wraps

MacAuslands Woolen Mills Shoulder Wraps

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These 100% virgin wool Shoulder Wraps are produced in the Atlantic at one of our oldest Woolen Mills, using antique equipment. Very warm and beautifully crafted, they'll keep you warm on a chilly night.

Colours vary from the picture but should remain similar.ote: When ordering Dark Gray and Nat. White columns will always be used in the base/warp of the blanket. You can select 2 colours for the rows, either both from Natural colours, or 1 from Tweeds and 1 from Naturals. Shades/lots can also vary from batch to batch.

Wash in cool water ,mild soap ,lay flat to dry ,shape while still wet. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER

Please contact SeaSpun to enquire about available colours before purchasing or shipping.

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